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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Services Offered

There are 3 main groups of people whom I work with:

  • individuals, couples and families who are facing emotional, psychological, interpersonal and marital issues;

  • workshops and talks for youth, parents, couples, educators and the general population for knowledge and skills-building;

  • counsellors for learning and growth.

For clients
1. Individual counselling
2. Couples/family counselling
3. Group therapy

Areas in which counselling is offered include:
- stress
- depression
- anxiety
- loss and grief
- eating disorder
- self-harm
- addiction
- relationship issues
- parenting concerns
- personal growth and healing

For parents

1. Group sessions for parents
These group sessions for parents are known to connect parents to support them at a social and emotional level. The group will provide an avenue to discuss issues and concerns faced in relation to parenting, how to relate to your teenager, how to assist your them, how to engage the father in the parenting role and of course, self-care.

2. “Parenting with confidence” workshops (for parents with children aged 7 -12 years old and 13 – 19 years old)

For couples

1. Assessment of couple relationships using PREPARE/ENRICH inventory
2. Marriage preparation/enrichment workshops

For general population
Talks/workshops customised and tailored to suit your organisational requirements

For counsellors
1. Clinical supervision
2. Therapy group for counsellors

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