Singapore Mental Health Conference
05 October 2023
MAX Atria, Singapore Expo, Singapore
Panel speaker on “Creating Safe Online Spaces for Youth Mental Health Conversations on let's talk by”

F.L.O.W Network Event by Happiness Initiative
05 August 2023
Temasek Shophouse, Singapore
Panel speaker on “How can we take a preventive approach to Student Well-being”

Youth Policy Makers Conference 2022
14 December 2022
MacPherson Community Club, Singapore

Guest speaker & panelist on “Mental Health in our Educational System”

Sharing session for Wellness Ambassadors
2 December 2022
Civil Service College, Singapore

Keynote speaker & panelist on “Holding spaces for conversation”

Sharing session for Autoimmune Diseases Support Group
24 October 2022

Guest speaker on “Learning to draw boundaries”

International Institute of Mediators Conference 2022
8 October 2022
York Hotel, Singapore

Guest speaker & panelist on “Resolution of Multi-Racial, Religious and Neighbour Disputes”

SAC’s 40th Anniversary
19 August 2022

Guest speaker on “The trauma of COVID on children and teenagers)”

12th Character & Leadership Symposium
6 June 2022
Serangoon Gardens Secondary School, Singapore

Panel speaker on “Working with youth and supporting their mental wellbeing”

Well-Being Week 2022 film screening & panel discussion parent series
2 March 2022
SJI International, Singapore

Organiser & host for film screening of “Nevertheless” and panel discussion

Student Mental Health Conference
15 February 2022

- Keynote speaker on “Conversations @ St Joseph’s Institution International: How to create bespoke parent groups within a school setting to education & strategise prevention”
- Panel speaker on “To build mental wellness and resilience among the students: The role of school, community and health care and in youth mental health prevention and intervention”

#ActionForHer Webinar Series
13 February 2022

Panel speaker on “Sexual Harassment in Schools”

Faithfully ASEAN 2021
29 December 2021
Furama City Centre, Singapore

Panel speaker on “Minding the future, managing the present”

Interview by HoneyKids Asia Expert tips on how to talk to kids and teens about traumatic events dated 6 September 2021

Interview by The Home Ground Asia Teachers and students chime in on revised mental health support measures in schools dated 6 August 2021

Parents-Teens Panel Forum 2021
15 May 2021

SJI International, Singapore  
Organiser & host on “Thriving in a digital world” 

Harmony Centre (HA) Tick Talk webinar series
7 October 2020
Panel speaker on “Family and parenting: Multi-tasking and holding to faith in times of COVID-19”  

Common Senses for Common Spaces Interfaith Dialogue series
19 October 2019
Panel speaker on “Pop up the soul”

International School Counselor Collaborative – A Virtual Event
10 October 2020

Workshop presentation on “Brief systemic multi-family therapeutic groups in schools”

2018 IFTA (International Family Therapy Association) World Family Therapy Congress
8 - 10 March 2018
Westin Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand
Workshop presentation on "Engaging parents in groups" 

SAC Counselling Symposium 2015
Evidence Informed Practice – Towards a Better State of Well-being
15 - 16 Oct 2015
The Academia, Singapore

Paper presentation on "Effectiveness of online platforms in enhancing counselling services in schools"

Pathways to Resilience III Conference
Beyond Nature vs Nurture
16 - 19 Jun 2015

Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada
Facilitated discussion on "Working with students to improve resilience within the school"

20th APECA Biennial Conference-Workshop 2014
Contemporary Approaches in Counselling
4 - 6 Dec 2014

National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Paper presentation on "Effectiveness of social media and online platforms in enhancing counselling services in the school"

Radio interview with DJ Angela Lim on "Between Us" 938LIVE on 11 Aug 2014

DJ Angela Lim discusses with Michelle Koay, a counsellor with RGS, on: empowering women, balancing the roles of being a daughter, mother, wife and career woman

Cassandra Rudge discusses with Michelle Koay, a counsellor with RGS, on: importance of having healthy relationships for our mental well-being; what constitutes good and bad relationships; what we can do to build healthy relationships

Radio interview with DJ Angela Lim on "Between Us" 938LIVE on 6 Jun 2014
DJ Angela Lim discusses with Michelle Koay, a counsellor with RGS, on:
- Are our teens becoming increasingly lonely and disconnected?

- How can we communicate better and more effectively with our teens?

Children in Crisis: Episode on Physical Abuse
Expert consultation on info-ed series on Mediacorp Toggle (featured in 2013)

Regeneration: Reconnect, Redefine, Recreate
17 Nov 2013
SCAPE Warehouse

Serenading Technology: Digital technology has evolved into an intrinsic part of our world today. Michelle will share about how we can integrate this aspect into our lives without losing touch of reality and human connection

2013 Joint SELF Biennial International Conference and ERAS Conference
Self-concept, motivation and identity: Underpinning success with research and practice
9 - 11 Sep 2013
Nanyang Girls' High School

Paper presentation on "Leverage on relationships to enhance the school experience" 

CIFA 3rd Regional Symposium
Asian Families: Innovations in Practice and Policies
11 - 13 Dec 2012
National University of Singapore Shaw Foundation Alumni House

Paper presentation on "High-achieving adolescents in Singapore families"

A Collaborative Dance: integrating Systemic Ideas in Clinical and Social Work Practice
11 & 12 Sep 2012
YWCA Fort Canning Lodge
Paper presentation on "Working systemically with adolescents in schools"