Your Journey


I appreciate that you may feel anxious and uneasy talking about issues that bother you to a stranger. It usually takes time to develop trust with another human being. Hence, let's go at a pace that is comfortable for you. At times, I may find it necessary to gently nudge you to deal with difficult issues and those times can be anxiety-provoking. I hope that you will allow yourself to take that risk but this will be according to whatever that feels reasonable for you at that point.

Period of journey

For some clients, you may find that a few sessions is all you need to get through to the next stage in your life. But for others, our therapeutic relationship and interaction may last for a longer period of time. In order to ensure that we make this journey meaningful for you, we will review the course and direction that we are heading from time to time.

Journey of exploration

During this journey of exploration, where relevant and applicable, I may have us delve into the experiences and relationships that you have had or are having. Such conversations can be particularly helpful and useful to discover your blindspots and latent potential and to create opportunities to open up new possibilities in your life. Another dimension that I am curious about is with regards to the dreams that you may have when you sleep. You are free to bring them to the sessions as dreams provide rich resources that are often left untapped.


The sessions that we engage in will be kept within the bounds of confidentiality. I may discuss the content and the process of your sessions with my clinical supervisor or co-worker primarily for enhancing my skills as a counsellor as well as assisting me to work with you more effectively. If I assess that you may pose as a risk to yourself or others, it is my responsibility to break confidentiality and get you the help that you will need at that point.


In conclusion, I appeal to you to be open and provide me feedback if you have difficulties working with me and would prefer to work with another counsellor. At times, we may not be a good match so it would be more beneficial for you to continue the work with another counsellor. Similarly, if I feel that another counsellor will work better with you, I will recommend the referral accordingly.

Remember that this journey is yours to take and I am but your fellow traveller. Hence, it is important that your well-being is of priority.